IMG_1182_3670smBusy, busy, busy!  It seems to be the story of our culture.  But I’m working hard to not be too busy for the really important things.  Not to be too busy for hugs.  Not too busy for words of affirmation to a teen in need.  Not too busy to notice the hurting folks all around.

And not to busy to be thankful to God for all the wonderful little treasures he blesses me with every day. 

So, the list continues:

2130.  Good less expensive hair cut.

2131.  A husband with integrity

2132.  Tom Miner Basin hike and discovery the beauty of a new to us place.

2133.  Asked to help out with something I’m good at.

2134.  Ability to work well with my good friend Eva – we can accomplish a lot together!

IMG_1222_3660sm2135.  Good discussion with Andy about issues from our past

2136.  Peace in the face of exploring possible change.

2137.  J facing fears and handling blood test well – he’s healthy as can be.

2138.  J’s good health

2139.  J’s finding ways to entertain himself when we are at work.

2140.  Beautiful backyard for summer company and time around the fire pit.

2141.  Sleeping out under the big full moon two nights in a row

2142.  Storm door to replace the old broken one for free on a street corner

2143.  Lettuce from our garden

2144.  Air conditioning returned/repaired at the office.

2145.  Fun with young people of the worship team.

IMG_1231_3729sm2146.  Friend sharing her heart in a vulnerable way.

2147.  Desire to be artsy – that feeling in my heart that it is time to create again!  Otherwise known as “I got some mojo flowing”

2148.  Good resources when needed for Andy

2149.  Anniversary well celebrated – this is our sweet 16 year!

2150.  Winning on a difficult case for a special client.

2151.  Enough lettuce from the garden for when we have company.

2152.  J doing well talking to his doctor (showing independence!)

2153.  Fitting into a pair of pants I always loved after 5 years of being too big for them.

2154.  Successful photo shoot for Emily.

2155.  Finding $20 in the pocket of those old pats that aren’t too small for me any more.

2156.  Beautiful place to take photos right where I live.

2157.  J back in karate.

2158.  Inspiration for prayer and fasting day.

2159.  Karate parents being such a supportive group.

2160.  J’s able and willing to talk openly about his feelings as he starts his teen years.

IMG_1232_3731sm2161.  Janice is my friend and J’s surrogate grandma.

2162.  Meat in the freezer helping with the grocery bill in a time of tight budgets.

2163.  Cool weather for morning walks.

2164.  Daisy’s in my garden

2165.  Holly hocks starting to bloom bright and pink

2166.  J’s seeking a job – and not being shy about it, but being a go-getter.

2167.  July was a good billing month.

2168.  God’s provision in bits and pieces

2169.  Fun taking photos of the Stewart family and getting to know them a bit better.

2170.  Getting some quality photos of Eva’s family.

2171.  Extra school supplies ready for use

2172.  Last year’s clothes will fit for the start of school.

2173.  J willing to try solutions to his disorganization issues.

2174.  Cool evening air to sleep in with the windows open.

IMG_2147_4599sm2175.  Phone call with Eva during a busy time for her.

2176.  Extra dishwasher soap in the basement just when I thought we had run out.

2177.  J getting together with friends over the weekend.

2178.  Time to clean my art area – so I can use that mojo!

2179.  Andy supportive of a family gratitude journal project.

2180.  Smell of banana bread baking

2181.  J likes orange shirts and they look good on him.

2182.  The creativity of God reflected int he little fairy head flowers (see the first five photos above)

2183.  Hearing good things about Andy’s reputation from community members.

2184.  Inspiration in Ann VosKamp’s blog posts – seems like they all speak right into me these days.

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  1. Joanne diochon

    Love these wispy images, especially number 3 with that beautiful burgundy vein down the centre of the soft tendrils.

  2. Cynthia Swenson

    Love the hollyhocks! We have lots of them here as we’ve had regular rains & it’s still green! Good to find you at Ann’s. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  3. Much to be grateful for. Lovely flowers to boot.

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