IMG_2157_4609smAugust, last year you were eaten up by fires.  Hot, dry, smokey.  That is not how I hope to see you go this year.

Of course I have no control over that really, but these photos from yesterday (the 1st) were encouraging that we would have a different script this year.  Heck, we even got a good soaking rain over night.  I am encouraged.

IMG_2141_4593smSo, just what am I looking for this month?  Well, how about a few days off for a family camping trip. 

Yeah!  That would be nice.  Not sure it can happen, but working on it. I’m even willing to be creative about how we sneak it into the calendar between a Saturday morning event and a late Sunday afternoon commitment.

Haven’t camped yet this weekend unless you count sleeping out under the moon on the  back deck, which I am certain my boy does not see as camping (although he enjoyed it).

IMG_2139_4591smAnd let’s throw in a couple of good hikes – done some of that already this summer, but not enough and starting to feel some panic about the need for more before the weather turns.  I want to be up Sacajawea Peak to look out on the Gallatin Valley – a clear haze-free day would be great. 

Maybe add in a hike somewhere lush and green – do you think you could give me that August?  I know you are usually hot and dry, but let’s see if we can find a spot together that is filled with cool moisture.

Evening walks by the river would be great too!  A couple of photo walks with my boy with a fading sun and golden light would be so ideal.

And perhaps I’m asking too much, but it might be good to find someplace new.  Got any ideas?  I’m open for a bit of adventure.

IMG_2162_4614smAnd dear August, do you think we could be free of expensive unexpected events.  No cars breaking down.  No sudden need to replace an important piece of office equipment.  Just normal stuff like paying the light bill, getting the mortgage payment made, and buying food for our table.  That would be so nice.

IMG_2145_4597smMy boy will go back to school before the month is done.  Please, let this be a month of care-free independent fun.  Let him relax and enjoy – and I promise I’ll try to cooperate with this goal, not piling on the chores and summer reading assignments. 

On that school subject, dastardly as it is, before you are done August I’m praying for the excitement to hit my boy – a desire to learn and spirit of joy for what is to come.  More than anything, a confidence that even if it is “school” (said with a clear negative intonation) there is an opportunity for success – and by the way, August, how do I teach a 13-year-old boy that success doesn’t mean all A’s?  Can he know that progress is success and we love it? 


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  1. LOVE that first barn shot, the dramatic sky is super!

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