It seems impossible already, but we’ve had a bit of a cool down here – not cold yet, but I’m walking in temps below 50 degrees in the early mornings.


And the fields and hills are starting to give signs of a transition from lush and green to crisp and brown – well, almost there.


And the light has that almost autumn like glow.


Yes, I know it is only the 31st of July, but here you have it – Montana is starting the transition.


Another transition for us – Leo, our beloved dog of almost 10 years went blind this weekend.  All seemed fine, no signs of a problem.  We went for the walk where I took these photos, and when we got home it was obvious Leo couldn’t see the car – he was in danger of getting run over because he kept trotting in front of it.  Not normal for this big confident dog.

At first we thought maybe he had a stroke because he was stumbling too. 


A trip to the Pet Emergency Room revealed that he has cataracts, which with a diabetic dog is not a matter of “if” but “when” although we were unaware of this certainty.  It breaks my heart to watch him because it is clear he is frightened, although he’s managing pretty well with our help.  But we’ve got some accessing to do and observation of how he adjusts or struggles.

I don’t want to put human emotions on a dog, but it is so hard to imagine that he is anything but lonely in his dark dark world.  Fortunately, he perks up as soon as we go to him, speak to him and give him a pat on the head – he loves the interaction.  Right now, with J home all day, he’s got good company.  But I don’t know what we’ll do once school starts back up in under 4 weeks.

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2 thoughts on “TRANSITIONS

  1. pat

    Oh, my heart just aches for all of you, including sweet Leo. There is nothing harder than when a beloved family dog gets old and the end of the trail starts to appear. I am so glad that J is still home from school so Leo has a buddy during the day. Thoughts coming your way.

  2. That just breaks my heart. Animals have emotions – emotions very relatable to our own, so I have no doubt that he is afraid and startled. Hopefully you will be able to keep him by your side once Leo goes back to school.

    We’ve also had unseasonably cooler weather lately – but I know that those crazy high 80-90 degree with equal amounts of humidity days will comes back – ugh. I could live with this with no complaints.

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