IMG_0560_3055smOn Tuesday J and I went up above Hyalite Reservoir (seen above) and got the photos I posted Tuesday afternoon and these. 

IMG_0700_3133smIt is pretty special to have a job where I can take off the time to go do things with this young man – he’s pretty special too!

IMG_0611_3022smThimble Berry bushes are wonderful, but they always remind me that Andy wants his ashes spread among some specific thimble berries – I’m hoping for a lot of years before I have to go on that particular hike!

IMG_0619_3017smI love columbine, and it was doing well this week.  I grow it in the garden, but somehow the wild ones are just a little bit more special.

IMG_0623_3059smI probably got a bit carried away taking photos of it.

IMG_0646_3058smThis one is my favorite – I love the sweet pink in there.  I think my mom had this particular variety in a garden once.

IMG_0636_3081smI am always amazed at how hairy flowers can be!  Wish I had a macro lens so I could really highlight that feature on flowers like this one.

IMG_0635_3074smA macro lens would have helped with this one too – get that moth really up close!

IMG_0656_3108smAnd this is another variety of those tiny little flowers that grow on the cliffs beside a water fall – it is about 1.5 inches tall, and very beautiful!

IMG_0674_3019smJust so you know it wasn’t all fun and games with the cameras, here you can see that we did some pretty vigorous up and downs to get to all these beautiful pieces of God’s creation.

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  1. Brenda

    Nice shots. I like Columbine flowers too, so dainty.

  2. pat

    What a beautiful variety of wildflowers! I think wild columbine are so pretty–they are so delicate and ethereal for such a sturdy hardy plant.

  3. Joanne diochon

    “I grow it in the garden, but somehow the wild ones are just a little bit more special.”
    The flowers in my garden are beautiful and I certainly appreciate them, but to some extent I see them as being a reward for the effort I put in to grow them, but wild flowers are just like a free gift of beauty, and for that reason I find them a special delight too.

  4. Hannah Becker

    Love the Pictures! You did a great job.

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