J and I went for a hike today and got some photos of wild flowers.


I’m fussing around with a new camera body (Canon 60D which is an older model, but for that reason was on sale at a price I could afford, and was a significant upgrade from my T1i, which is very very old).


The weather really cooperated – cool for easy hiking, overcast for some diffused light.

IMG_0632_3052smIndian Paint Brush is one of my favorites – love the color!  This one looks like the bugs are getting to it.


IMG_0638_3089smThis photo is a bit disorganized in terms of composition and lack of specific focus item, but I love love love the colors in these flowers!  So I included it.


IMG_0667_3148smThese little tiny guys were on the edge of a cliff overlooking Arch Falls – one of many waterfalls up in Hyalite Canyon.  They are just so sweet!  I think they measure about 2.5 inches tall.

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2 thoughts on “WILDFLOWERS

  1. pat

    These are lovely! I am hoping to get up to Mt. Rainier again this summer for the wildflowers….they are spectacular. They usually don’t bloom until late August, after the snow melts off the meadows.

    • Joanne diochon

      I love those delicat little white flowers in the last photo too. I find I’m often attracted to the tiny ones like that but they are not easy to get a good photo of. Couldn’t help notice that your second photo of the yellow flower also came with it’s own green bug…more proof of my feeling that every flower has it’s very own bug.

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