It comes up faster than I expect – time to give thanks.  Should be doing it every day.  Love those quiet moments in-between when I sneak a bit of ink into my journal to document the things that have blessed me and remind myself of the detailed love of my Savior.  Such a cool thing!

2109.  Fergus’ cute face and sweet disposition.

IMG_0548_2886sm2110.  Dinner by Camille.


2111.  A friend who understands a parenting concern.

2112.  J taking initiative about saving a baby mouse

2113.  Some weeks are very beautiful and photogenic.

IMG_0276_2646sm2114.  Patterns on the hills as the hay is knocked down.

2115.  Complements on how J interacts with younger kids.

2116.  Clients who say “thank you.”

2117.  Prayers answered for a sick friend.

2119.  Daily walks  in a beautiful area.

IMG_0523_2816sm2120.  Lettuce in the garden

2121.  Figs and goat cheese appetizer (by Camille)

IMG_0091_2487sm2122.  Decor at Holly’s house.


IMG_0072_2796sm2123  Wedding photo inspiration free on the web.

2124.  Gift well received.

2125.  Planter boxes made from barn wood.

2126.  Gluten Free Lemon Curd Tart (by Camille again)

2127.  Apple Cider caramels (you guessed it, by Camille again)

2128.  J and M’s friendship – 8 years and running.

IMG_0438_3007sm2129.  Regular worship team back to lead the music last night – love those young folks!

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3 thoughts on “BACK TO GRATITUDE!

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Gratitude is a lovely state of mind to be in!

  2. pat

    I’m in love with that porch…..

  3. Joanne diochon

    I’m in love with that dog…love his chocolate coloured face and brindle body…looks like he is one of those with lots of extra skin that forms soft folds.

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