Probably no surprise to most that things around here have been busy since getting back from vacation two and a half weeks ago.  Feels like just this week I’m getting a handle on things like cleaning house, caring for the yard and being settled back into routines in general.  It probably helps that this week J is at camp so I’m free to catch up on some of the things that got away from me.


While the grasses in our yard are going to seed (first photo), the farmers have put the first cut of alfalfa on the ground, and will be baling it in the next couple of days (barring rain). 

It is hot here, and except for an unusually strong hail/rain/wind storm last Saturday, it has been dry.  But let me tell you, that storm was pretty amazing. 

We had an open window (small) in our bedroom that we forgot to close, and the result was 1/4 an inch of standing water throughout the room – ruined my hardwood floors (warped now), flooded our mattress so that we couldn’t sleep on it and had to put it out in the sun to dry the next day. 

The hail was blown so strongly by the wind that it literally blasted the paint off that side of our house – like a mini sand-blasting session. 


And down the road and around the corner these guys are grazing peacefully.  I love to see them in the mornings when I walk.  The little guy frolics around sometimes and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


There is a colt in this field at least two out of three years, and that is one of the special treats of living in this neighborhood.

Happy Independence Day to all of you.  I hope your celebrations are safe, fun, and include a little reflection on the courage it took the founding fathers to step into a whole new way of doing life by establishing democracy.

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