It takes a bit of courage to go to the fissures in Yosemite.  And a little hike to get there.IMG_7094SM

Most people don’t know where it is or how to get there – except the photos show it is obviously on the south side of the valley and way high up.



It gets its name from the cracks in the rock platform that is literally 3000 feet above the valley floor.  IMG_7158sm


Believe me when I say that when you look down it is all down.  Hard to keep from panicking even when you are perfectly safe laying down on your tummy.IMG_7170sm


You can see El Capitan and Yosemite falls from up there – you’re looking down on them.


There aren’t a lot of safety bars, so it is not a place for the faint of heart or children who are not well under control – a complement to my cousin’s family as we took young children up there and they all behaved very well.  And it is a good thing they were so well-behaved, because the adults were all going to have heart attacks and die right there if any of them didn’t obey and got too close to the edge or didn’t step back when told to do so.


Different people have different techniques for handling the nerve-wracking views – I encourage the crawl out on your belly so you are safe like a snake.IMG_7216sm



Apparently Andy is willing to get up off his belly and lean over, creating two good views – the valley and, well, you know.

There is a bit of wild life up there as well – saw this guy hanging on the edge – literally, and was amazed he didn’t fall off.




Hope you enjoy the view!

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  1. pat

    I have been looking forward to these! Yosemite is on my Must-See list, and this just whetted my appetite. I would be on my belly, too….I am HORRIBLE with heights and would be shaking like a leaf. When I went to Bryce Canyon I was the same way…but it was worth it! Is that girl slack-lining?!?! (she asks incredulously)

  2. Joanne diochon

    Wow, what a series of photos…just looking at the pictures of your group, looking down, made me a little queasy.

    This certainly seems to be an amazing vacation you are on.

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