Saturday included a trip to our law school campus, Santa Clara University, which include one of the famous California Missions.


There was a wedding inside the Mission, so things were spiffed and in tip-top shape.  I think they have weddings back to back in that facility through the spring and summer (like 3 or 4 per day).

The grounds are always so well maintained – we were too late for the wisteria, and some of the roses past their prime. 

Then we spent time with Elizabeth and Jacob in San Jose, but I didn’t get any photos.  Was too busy enjoying the tour of their house and yard and all their fun urban homestead activities.


Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Prunedale and greeting from their new furry friend, Annie.


Sunday after church we hit the coast and saw lots of wild life – nothing like those in Montana, but interesting all the same.


I know they are dirty birds, but sea gulls look so crisp and clean with their white head and breast.


Seals sure do like to nap!


We went to Castroville – artichoke capital of the world.  Note here, artichokes are one of two or three veggies that J actually enjoys, so this was a fun thing for him.


We got down to the water and enjoyed!


There were clouds in some places, fog in others, and blue skies in still others.  Made for some fun lighting, although I didn’t have a tripod or the mental focus to take the most advantage of it.


J loved all the rocks, but they brought out the Montanan in him, and before you knew it, he was back to the sea, climbing up those rocks when ever he could.IMG_6591sm

Then he got to actually go into the ocean.


There was even a bit of romance for us:IMG_6547sm

We’ll have to practice the romance thing a bit, since this really isn’t as steamy of a romantic photo.  Don’t think I’ll be sharing that.


Fun sandy toes after the thing was all done.

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4 thoughts on “VACA UPDATE

  1. pat

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip! The only time I was in SF it was a quick in-and-out and didn’t have time to sightsee, so now I feel like I’ve seen the high spots. Love the ocean shots, and the rafts of sea lions.

  2. Looks like fun! Glad you guys are having a good time!

  3. Joanne diochon

    Looks like a great vacation. I like your 2 shots of J beside the ocean, one looking out to sea and the other climbing over the half submerged rocks but do agree that the ‘steamy’ one needs some work if you want to really make the screen sizzle, LOL. Maybe a couples vacation would bring out the romance more than a family one?

  4. Celine

    Looks like you are enjoying your vacation!! Love the shot of you and your hubby!

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