We started our tourist activities today with a full day in “the City” (a.k.a. San Francisco).  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny for almost the whole day.


We went all over the City, including to Coit Tower, where we saw the stunning Diego Rivera (sp?) murals that are being restored in the building.  They were (are) so beautiful I almost cried.


This is just one of many photos I took (photos are allowed, which was a real treat for me).


I was impressed with Coit Tower, which I had seen from the road many times but never actually gone up to it and looked around.  So glad we did this.


We also did the full on tourist thing and went to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge.  A fantastic experience which I highly recommend.  It was the only place in the City that we went and had fog – but I was glad for the fog because it made for some interesting photos, and it allowed J to see what it can be like in the City.


We also saw some of the Embarcadero, the Japanese Tea Gardens, had a very interesting trip to the Haight Ashbury district, which is a whole blog post in and of itself, although I didn’t take a single photo there.  Along the way we had Dim Sum in China Town and went down the crookedest street in the world – Lombard Street.  Now I’ve got to get the Bill Cosby act about San Francisco downloaded for J so he can laugh and laugh at the idea of Bill and a VW trying to get into heaven after taking Lombard Street down and off into the Bay.


Lots more photos, but no time to process and load them – late nights won’t give me energy for days or touring.

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