We saw lots of big smiles like this yesterday – at one point he told me he could throw his bucket list away and die today because this was such a great day.  Little does he know how much more fun is to come.



As we knew they would, the tall buildings were impressive to J.  We walked around south of Market for just a little bit, and he got a taste of that environment.


This was from North Beach, looking out at Alcatraz – it was a beautiful day, warm and clear in the City, but the fog was rolling across the entrance to the Bay.


At the Golden Gate Bridge is was foggy, but when we looked up we could see a straight edge of blue demonstrating how the tower interfered with the movement of the fog all the way up there.  Super cool!


This boy loved the bridge – this is just after he made his comment about this being the best day of his life.



At the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park we were back to sunshine.  Love seeing the blooming lily pad – I don’t think I ever saw that in person before.  Would have loved to wade in the water and got more close up shots, but I don’t think that would have gone over well with the park officials.


This is the adult group (photo by J).  Looking a bit wind-blown I am, all those curly gray hairs sticking out!



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  1. SF is one of my most favorite cities. Looks like great weather…glad you are having fun.

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