On the full bloom of these babies.  They’ll be blooming while we are gone for 10 days on vacation. 

Now you bad guys out there, don’t think that means you can come rob my home because there will be people and dogs there, so it is not some empty house waiting for your to come.  Also, just FYI, there isn’t anything of value there – we keep the computers at the office only, and the t.v. is 25 years old and the furniture is all about the same vintage.  Not worth the effort on your part, that is for sure.


We are also going to miss out on the birth of Sophie’s kittens, I’m pretty sure.  Don’t know when she’ll have them, but signs are that she is pretty close.  The house sitter will get all that joy.  But we’ll be greeted by cute little ones (I’m only expecting 1 or 2 of them) when we arrive back.


I think I have everything I need in place to upload photos from our trip.  So, assuming I can do it right there should be photos of:  San Francisco, Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay and Yosemite.  Hope I can do that!

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3 thoughts on “GONNA MISS OUT . . .

  1. Too funny! Enjoy your trip! I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

  2. pat

    Sorry you’ll miss the columbine, but think what you will be seeing in Cali! I am jealous–I would LOVE to see Yosemite! Have a great time.

  3. Celine

    What a fun trip!! All those photo ops!!!

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