It is now a known fact with a certain member of our family that if you find a beautiful spot along the creek to cool your head you may risk getting brain freeze.


It is also now a known fact that brain freeze hurts.


And we all know that brain freeze can make a person contort their face in particularly odd ways – apparently it makes you stick your tongue out even if you don’t want to.


But fortunately it is also something that you can recover from.


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5 thoughts on “BRAIN FREEZE – PSA

  1. LOL….that’s too funny! Thank your son for bringing us this important PSA.

  2. pat

    hee hee hee!!! I will have to remember not to dip my head in the moutain-fed streams (and lakes) around here!

  3. Joanne diochon

    Not exactly the same but reminds me of my older son, when he was young. One of his friend’s family had a house in the country and they would often take 3 or 4 boys up for a couple of days at a time as company for their son who was an only child. I remember the mom who was a good friend of mine telling me once that my son just really loved the outdoors and was, as she put it, “always the first kid to ‘accidentally’ fall in the creek in the spring and the last one to ‘fall’ in the creek in the fall”.

  4. Celine

    LOL – too cute!!

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