I love bread!  And it loves my hips and thighs and belly and all my other fat tissue areas!  It likes to come live there and stay.

I particularly liked t his bread which my friend Daniel made for an event last month – yummy!

I also liked  his presentation of the bread on a nice clean wooden shingle for a platter.

What I didn’t like was the amount of wood in the photo above – the platter is fine, but the fact that the platters were being prepared on a butcher block counter just meant there was way too much wood for my tastes.

But I was just the photographer, who certainly couldn’t interrupt a busy kitchen preparing to serve dinner to say:  “Um, could you move the bread platters to another location with good light but a cleaner (i.e. white) surface so my photo will be more appealing to my eye.”  Yeah, that message would have gotten me kicked out of the kitchen and probably not invited back in.

But I love bread, and wanted this photo to work.  So, I thought maybe, perhaps, it was worth a try to see if a black and white conversion helped to get rid of the too much wood problem.


I think it helped, but I still wish for a better background.

Just so you know, I did think about cloning in a white counter everywhere the butcher block shows, but it was a fleeting thought because I just don’t think I would want to do that much work – I like the bread, but I’m also lazy.

For those of you who don’t know, this whole exercise is to force me to get better at my black and white conversions.  So, my feedback to myself on this particular conversion (aside from butcher block background thing) is that I could have made this one a bit brighter/more contrast, I think.  Thought I had done enough of that, but seeing it one the blog post I think more would have been a bit better.

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  1. Jo Ann

    The bread looks yummy!

  2. Pat

    Much more effective in B&W–all the textures show up much more clearly. I hear you about the carbs thing; my headstone will probably read “She never met a carb she didn’t like”.

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