A morning of harsh words happens sometimes. 

Especially after a weekend of on and off tensions.IMG_5262sm

Frustration abounds. 

Depression lurks and oppresses.

All is not lost, but there are moments where it feels like it might be.

Ever have that series of days?

Yeah, me too.


But there remains much to be thankful for :

1788.  Good dinner with triathlon teammates

1789.  Evening with old friends from far away and others who have stayed close.

1791.  Thinking about Andy’s strengths

1799.  Seeing Sandhill Cranes dancing for each other on the hill-top while out walking

1810.  Herbal remedy for minor health issue

1811.  Good water out of the tap – wonderful well, for which I’ve been thankful before.

1815.  Little purple flowers at the base of the big aspen trees.

1819.  J’s confidence in Red Lodge

1824.  Goat milk ice cream

1831.  Little boy’s imagination – Midnight Mission to space

1834.  Tank digging in his giant water dish and happily splashing water all over the place – oh the joy of that dog!

1839.  Time to talk with Janice Lambert and absorb her wisdom in raising boys.

1847.  J helpful to others – and others acknowledgement of that helpfulness.

1854.  Being strong in a pressured conversation.

1858.  J sleeping in the car

1867.  Good times with nice people in our home.

1869.  Rain for days making everything green and wet.

1871.  Time for some art.

1872.  Old photos of Andy when he was a child.

1878.  Wyatt walking and raising money for his cause.

1881.  Woodpecker in the tree across the road – and chance to watch it every time I go for a walk.

These are just the skim off the top of the vat of things written in my gratitude journal since the last time I posted gratitude.  A reminder to myself that there is much to be thankful for, and in being thankful, I’m not offering praise to the unknown, but praise to the creator and God of my heart!

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  1. Me, too…we’re living through many challenges these days, but thankful for the little miracles that occur every day. Your gratitude list reminds me to notice joyful things in my daily life. Have a blessed week!

  2. Pat

    I would be ecstatic to see sandhill cranes dancing!!! Wonderful list.

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