I have a friend who is a chef – may have mentioned that before.  He’s certainly been mentioned on the blog before.  His name is Daniel, and he and Andy do triathlon as a team, we know him from church, and Bible study at his house every Wednesday.

Anyway, he is a very high-end chef, doing private dinner parties for people up in the Yellowstone Club and now out of a facility here in town as well.  About 10 days ago he did an event at his space here in town, and I went, took some photos, and ate some fantastic food. 

By the way, lighting is tough in this situation and I’m aware these photos are mediocor at best, but they were.  He is working fast, no time to set up a whole group of lights (and I don’t own them either), but the lighting in the building was . . . not perfect for my natural lighting style.  So, something had to give, and depth of field is part of what I gave up in order to get some photos that were reasonable.  Lots of learning and learning and learning here, but so grateful Daniel gave me a chance to photography something interesting and different (and allowed me in his kitchen while it was working).

Above are Pork Bellies.  I’ve heard of them as a commodity, but never them as an actual food.  Delicious!  I mean really good – like a good slab of bacon, as you might imagine. 


He also did some fish (above and below), and I learned a bit about food photos from this fish (this begins the self-critique part of this blog post).  See how in the photo above I focused on the  center of the fish steak pan?  That would be something I won’t repeat.  Gotta get that leading edge in focus I think (I’ll try that the next time I get a chance).

But the photo below, as Daniel is working with it, I feel a bit better about that, with the focus being on his hands, but I wish the leading edge of the fish was in better focus – again, desiring better depth of field.


He made bread, and being who I am, I had to photograph the bread.  Daniel is a master bread maker, and this bread was absolutely beautiful as it was on the cooling rack.  Looking at the photo below, I may take a shot at cropping it in some – learning as I go here!  I love the idea of seeing an abundance of bread, but maybe I’d like less bread but all of it in reasonable focus.


And the presentation of that same bread for eating was creative, unique, and overall great!  It was put out on a clean finished shingle, and it tasted absolutely delicious with that fresh whipped peppered butter!


I’m not big on eating radishes, but they sure made a beautiful little garnish to the bread tray.

So, an interesting adventure in photographing food as it is being presented in real-time.  Very different I think than photographing food for a magazine layout, where the food is staged – there was nothing staged about this photo-shoot, and that gave it a bit of an extra excitement.  I loved the challenge and hope to get

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  1. Joanne diochon

    Getting to photograph a whole new subject area is fun and challenging. As you point out, totally different from a staged food shot I’d guess. I liked the one of his hands serving the fish, I think it was nice to get a sort of action shot. Captures the feeling of an event rather than just food sitting on a plate.

  2. Pat

    what a fun change of pace for you!

  3. How fun for you… the bread looks delicious!

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