Two weekends ago we went to Red Lodge MT for a triathlon called “Peaks to Prairie.”  This was our second year in a row of attending this event, but the first year we had a paddler to make it a tri instead of a duo.  IMG_4588sm

Andy and Daniel were joined this year by Bill, a paddler. 

Andy took the electronic anklet for a 9 mile run from up the Bear Tooth Highway through the town of Red Lodge, and I had a setting not right on my camera, only getting blurry photos of him – stupid mistake on my part, and I should have know better.  IMG_4459sm


After Andy handed off the electronic anklet, Daniel took it for a 50 mile bike ride from Red Lodge to Columbus on the Yellowstone River.IMG_4471sm


Bill took over care of the anklet and paddled with it 10 miles down the Yellowstone River to the Special K ranch and the finish line.IMG_4491sm




Getting everyone to the spot they needed to be in was a chore, and the timing was tough.  Andy runs the 9 in just over an hour, and during that time I was shuttling necessary items  and information to Bill, who was 50 miles away waiting for Daniel.  Daniel was in Red Lodge, spinning to warm up.  Daniel’s wife was up the road with her three little children trying to get the camper packed up and down to where Daniel would complete his ride before they missed his arrival.

Fearing that I would not make it back to the run/bike transition spot in time to see Andy come in and Daniel go out, and wanting them to have a fan (or two), I left J in Red Lodge . . .IMG_4454sm




He usually hates to be alone – at home, at the office, anywhere.  But he was there in a town he barely knows all alone, and he did well.  It was the first in a series of things the past couple of weeks that have built up his confidence. 

It seems like the life of a thirteen year old is full of opportunities for maturing and growth, and I’ll have more to say about that in the next few posts. 

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  1. Elizabeth

    I knew he was fast, but 9 in just over an hour!!! I can only imagine!! The blurry photos help show how much he was pushing. When I showed them to my J he said “that’s no jog! He’s really going for it!” Well done for all!!

  2. You did an outstanding job with telling the story of their triathlon with pictures and well done for J on remaining on his own (one small step towards independence, one big step towards becoming a man). Congrats to all of the racers as well.

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