Jansse's river photos_0373editbwSM

Yes, I still blog.  Just not as often as I’d like in the past two weeks.  Haven’t been able to check out very many other blogs either – it has been a busy time (not complaining, just saying!)

Jansse's river photos_0312editSM

Yes, I still take photos.  But today the seven photos I’m sharing were taken by J and used in his school art show display two nights ago.  Jansse's river photos_0352editSM

They were a big hit, garnering complements from total strangers who sought him out after asking the art teacher who he was. One man even chewed out the teacher that J didn’t get an award for the best display of the show – that may have been a bit far, but it was a project that J was proud to display.Jansse's river photos_0056editSM

The confidence boost that came from this experience was beyond my wildest imagination – he even asked if we thought his grades would go up in general because he was feeling so good about himself (no filter on the question asking for that boy!).Jansse's river photos_0148bwSM

It has been a busy time with triathlon, dinner events, choir concerts, art shows, lots and lots of work, and finally some spring weather.Jansse's river photos_0222bwSM

I hope to have photos to share of some of our recent activities – maybe in the next couple of days!

Jansse's river photos_0165editbwSM

Remember, all these photos were taken by a seventh grader – now, got out with your camera and teach your kids – it is so fun!

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  1. That’s so much snow so late in the year. The 2nd picture with the reflection is beautiful .

  2. Elizabeth

    Awesome pictures J!!! So proud to see the creative juices flowing and to hear that hard work is well received!

  3. Rebecca

    Those are really lovely photos. Beautiful! What a sensitive eye.

  4. Jackie Nolen

    Saw this on Michelle’s FB. Beautiful and impresive photography! Love you all.
    Aunt Jackie

  5. Jo Ann

    Excellent job J!!

  6. J did an excellent job with these. I did that with my son – who now does portrait jobs and photo editing work – for money! – and is only in 11th grade.

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