Five photos – all from earlier in the month when I visited Spring in California.  We don’t have these colors here yet, but we are getting some green.

Then, it is time to update on gratitude.  I’m shortening a bit because it has been a long time since I published a gratitude list and it would be too long a post to have every single thing in one post.  So, I’m just giving about 20 or so, will call it caught up, and try to stay up-to-date in the future.  Sound fair?


1729.  Time with my in-laws

1730.  Time in the beauty of Lafayette

1732.  Beautiful blossoms on morning walks in Lafayette

1733.  J’s desire to read Radical and his acting on that desire


1734.  J’s hair cut and being able to see all of his facial expressions now.

1736.  Andy’s safe travels to California

1739.  My wedding ring fits for the first time in over 5 years (because of weight loss effort)

1742.  New glasses and change in look they bring for each of us.

1743.  Fixed hole in kitchen wall and new paint for kitchen

1745.  Celebrating EKL’s birthday with her in person

1747.  Seeing 42 with J

1748.  Knowing that Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickie were both men of profound faith and what a witness their actions and attitude were.

1749.  Sandhill Cranes are back and loud and so fun to hear.

1753.  Robins returning in crowds


1756.  Entertainment from a Frank Peretti book picked up in the airport

1757.  J singing funny songs with familiar tunes and made up words while doing homework.

1767.  Tank full of joy (written in the gratitude journal 2 days before I ran him over with my car).

1768.  Drummer from church having encouraging words for J’s interest in drumming.

1778.  Andy’s new playful shoes.

1782.  Tank not being killed or bloodied when run over


1784.  Common people acting as heroes in Boston

1786.  Enjoying other people s art.

1787.  Tank’s quick recovery from all his bruises (he’s pretty much back to his normal self already)

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  1. All of your blossoms are so pretty!

  2. Pat

    I always enjoy your gratitude lists, because you realize that it’s as important (or more so) to be grateful for the small ordinary everyday things as it is the big things and events.

  3. Love the hint of blue with the blossoms in the next to last shot. I think it is great that you list your blessings – I think we all tend to over look the positives in our lives and give too much attention and energy to the negative.

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