I’m posting these random flower photos from my trip earlier this month as a way to cheer up a bit.  Aren’t they beautiful? 

We’ve got snow and gray and windy and cool today, so these flowers seem like an impossible dream to me right now.


Why the need to cheer up?  (Besides the weather that is). 

Well, it is all going to end well, I’m pretty sure, but I’m dealing with the fact that yesterday while backing out the driveway (a 50 yard back-up) I ran over Tank.

Bump and another bump, both the back tires and then the front.  

No yelping. 

At first I thought I ran over a large piece of firewood that Tank sometimes carries around and leaves in the driveway.  But no, it was Tank himself.

He escaped from under the car and ran/hobbled into field right after it happened.  J and I examined him and saw nothing terribly concerning, or immediately indicating he was in trouble, but he was clearly distressed.   

There was basically a tire mark on his side/back between where his ribcage ends and his pelvis begins.

We called Andy in CA (visiting his parents) and as a family we determined it was best to take him to the emergency hospital. 


He’s okay after a stay the night in the PETS hospital, and a visit this morning to his regular vet.  But he will be in a lot of pain for the next week or so.  We’re medicating him to keep him comfortable, and he is out of the hospital and in the back of my car as I type. 

He’ll be staying close with me for the next 10 days or so because he needs to stay as inactive as possible.  That isn’t hard right now because he’s so sore he can barely move once he finds a tolerable position.  But as he improves he’s going to want to boing and bounce around in his typical Tank manner, and the vet doesn’t want him to do that for 7 – 10 days.  Those of you who know Tank personally are giggling at the thought of keeping him quite for 7 – 10 days, I know.  But if you saw how pathetic he looks right now in the back of my car, sleeping off the pain meds you might believe it is possible. 

He had a few scrapes on his hind legs and abdomen, but otherwise, no blood or anything.  No broken bones either.  But still, poor guy! 

I am so glad he’s okay, but emotionally now that the crisis is over I’m a bit more shaken up than I was when first dealing with the event. 

Can’t wait for Andy to get here later today and just hug me – I need that about right now.  Tank, while he may want the hug emotionally, will probably not want Andy to hug him because it would be too painful on his bruises.


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  1. Joanne diochon

    Oh what a horrible thing to happen. I’m glad that he wasn’t more seriously injured, poor thing. And poor you. I live in fear of running over one of our cats as they do seem to like to sleep under the cars.
    I can imagine how you must feel. Hopefully the pain meds will help keep him calmer as well as in less pain for the required healing period.

  2. Elizabeth

    Poor Tank!! Glad you all have made it through the incident. I’m sure he still loves you lots!

  3. I am so sorry to hear! Thankful though that all is ending well. Praying for everyone’s continued physical and emotional healing.

  4. Pat

    Oh dear! How traumatic for you (and Tank of course)!! I am so glad that he is going to be ok, and that he suffered no serious injuries. You will have your hands full trying to keep him in slow-mode once he starts feeling better. Labs only have 2 speeds–full on or napping.

  5. I am so happy he will be ok…oh boy, keeping him as still as possible, let us know how that goes! 😉

  6. Ok, your flowers are beautiful; but as soon as I read you ran over Tank I could only skim to the point he was okay (when I was young, we lost our family dog to a similar incident – but not so good an outcome). I hope Tank continues to heal and you likewise.

  7. Celine

    So glad Tank is OK! What a scare!

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