Still playing with photos from my trip to California last week.



When I was there the roses in the yard had not bloomed yet, but the fog left some pretty droplets to investigate one morning.  I didn’t have the perfect lens for capturing the droplets, but I made do because they just called out to be photographed.


They look like little beads sewn onto the edge of the leaves – reminds me of a beaded wedding veil.


My mother-in-law has a huge number of rose bushes and cares for them beautifully.  In a month or so the back yard will be blooming beautifully accented with the most wonderful smells!


Wish I could be there when they are blooming.  I’ll return to the East Bay in June, and there may still be some bushes producing.  In the mean time I’m getting weekly updates from my Mother-in-Law to hear about how they progress.

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  1. Joanne diochon

    I love the ‘beaded’ edges on the rose leaves. Your MIL must care for them well they look very healthy.
    Growing roses where I live is a bit of a struggle what with the cold winters killing some off and then the aphids and Japanese beetles in the summer. I was in California in May one year and was blown away by the roses everywhere. Mine were still struggling back, after a hard winter, and their’s were a riot of blooms.

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