Blogging the last couple of weeks as taken a back seat to other adventures.  I can’t even remember if I blogged the week before Easter, but I do remember that I spent that week sick – 5 days of fever and cough, followed by continued rattle-cough.  Missed Easter services and everything.

Then on Monday I quickly got billing at the office done so that me and my cough could head off to California early Tuesday morning to visit my in-laws who were in need of a bit of TLC after a fall, broken elbow, surgery and recovery.    The driving, cooking, cleaning and talking  that were my duties were a complete joy – my in-laws are very pleasant to be around.  I also had the added benefit of seeing my sister EKL and my dad and step-mom, who provided my transportation to and from the airport on the California end since my in-laws were not available to do any driving like that.


Now I’m home with an SD card full of East Bay spring flowers to process and big ol’ snow flakes blowing by the window at a 45 degree angle.  After 5 days in the full spring of the Bay Area where the colors practically blind you with their brilliance the grey/brown/barely a green tinge feels so drab and cold, but it is homeI have to admit that somehow this morning’s walk at 32 degrees was not the thrill the morning walks in shorts were the last four mornings.

IMG_4086smBut this is where my boys are – all four of them (Andy, J, Leo and Tank).  So good to see them after five full days away!  Lots to catch up on with house cleaning, cooking and work at the office, but I hope to post a few of those flower photos that California provided.

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One thought on “I’M BACK IN MONTANA

  1. Joanne diochon

    Nice shots. I like the stream with the black stones.

    I hear you on the unhappiness of returning to the snow, after the brief glimpse of spring and flowers.
    We are stating to get spring shoots and signs of future flowers here, but now we have a forecast for snow and or freezing rain in the next few days. Not a happy camper to hear that!

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