HAPPY SATURDAY! a photo bomb!


It was 7 degrees at 8 a.m. this morning and the ground was covered with fresh snow – happy spring.  As I looked out the window I was pining for last Saturday, when we were getting glimpses of green grass and being outside involved a sweatshirt or vest, not gloves, hat and a parka.  Oh well.

As you can see above, when I was out enjoying the beautiful weather a week ago Andy photo-bombed my barn photo.


So, I bombed him right back by changing my subject for a few minutes:


Notice his new glasses!


Then, Tank decided to bomb Andy:


But for those of you who worry, here is proof that Tank is faster than Andy can ride that little bike:


All safe and sound.

Hope you are having a great first weekend of spring – just think, next weekend: Easter!  I think the only green grass we will have is the plastic kind I line J’s basket with.

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3 thoughts on “HAPPY SATURDAY! a photo bomb!

  1. Joanne diochon

    Thanks for the education. Believe it or not I had to pull up the urban dictionary to find out what photo bombing was. As soon as I read it I thought DUH! that was obvious from the pictures. LOL
    Oh BTW I answered your question about the dim light at the show, as best I could, back on my blog.

  2. your funny! loved the story in pictures

  3. Fun photo bombing each other – pets and all.

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