Yesterday as I was cruzin’ the internet I came across a blog that showed how to use PS E to make photos look like they were processed as HDR.  It piqued my curiosity, so I gave it a try – it is a relatively short process, so I gave it several tries.

IMG_3807smHere is a familiar sight (my barn) in regular processing.

IMG_3807hdrsmSame shot with the fakey HDR technique.

Not sure if I like it or not, but I am learning a bit about processing and going ahead and being bold enough to try different things.  Here are a few more older photos I gave it a try with:

IMG_1087sm becomes:

IMG_1087hdrsmI’m having mixed feelings about the blow-out of all the whites, so I tried something with less white in it:


late last summer I took this, now it looks like this (below):


The woman who posted the tutorial said this technique is really best for landscape photos, so I didn’t try it on any of my people pics.  I may continue to play with this from time to time.  It is vivid.

One thing I did learn as I was doing the first step of adding bright and contrast – I can add a lot more than I thought and still have it look good.  I’ve been a bit light handed with that tool in  my normal processing.  So, whether I want to make things look like HDR or not (or whether this process really looks HDR or not), I’ve got a new piece of information in the processing world to play with and hopefully improve my photos.

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  1. Julie

    I like it… especially with the effects on the wood… very cool!!

  2. Joanne diochon

    I think the HDR technique, fake or real, works really well on some subjects but not on others. My guess is that things with texture and detail, that you want to bring out, would be the best candidates because what it seems to do is to make sure that every detail gets noticed.

    On a face where you’d prefer not to stress the “details” ( wrinkles, large pores, blemishes, etc.) probably not such a good choice.

    It’s interesting to see what the fake HDR can do though, might try to check it out sometime too. Thanks for bringing it up.

  3. You can also get HDR by shooting the same shot on proper exposure as well as one setting up and one setting back, then merging the three. Playing is half the fun.

  4. Love it on the barn photos. They look like art prints.

  5. Viji

    Awesome Pictures. I am taking a class over at Jessica Sprague and learning some new tricks:)

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