On Saturday we woke to a spring day where the temps were predicted to be in the mid to high 50’s.  Okay, if you live in AZ, this is pretty cold to you, but for us Montanans in March, this sound like shorts and tee-shirt weather.


Heck, I was willing to go running in just a single layer of sweats instead of long johns under them. 


J did wear shorts for his bike ride.  All seems so beautiful and bright and warm!


There was even some green to be detected upon the landscape!


It was all very exciting, even for Tank, who parked himself near that green grass to relax and enjoy his big stick.

IMG_3792 sm

As a family we headed over to our favorite exercise area, Andy ran 8 miles, I ran 4, and J biked with me.  A family out enjoying the spring.


You  know what’s coming here, don’t you . . .


This was the look on Sunday morning.


Still spring, just not the kind we had enjoyed on Saturday.  FYI, it snowed again last night, and was in the low teens this morning when I took J to school.  Might be up to 20 now.

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5 thoughts on “SPRING ANYONE?

  1. Joanne diochon

    Will it ever end??!!
    Love the pictures of the old buildings and the dog, especially, but so over the snow.

  2. These are all so great with the beautiful blue sky. Don’t you wish it wold stop teasing us with warm weather one day then snow the next. We have had warmish weather lately and now we are expecting a snow storm on Thur.

  3. Celine

    It was the same here – no more snow last weekend – then we got dumped on yesterday – now it’s white all over 😦

  4. Viji

    Love all the pictures! So beautiful! I would like some snow. It gets hot here in houston!!

  5. Your Sunday morning look is what is still happening here in Michigan 🙂 Glad you had the nice warm day inserted in there though….. spring isn’t too far away now.

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