Today, after too long of a delay, I am fulfilling a small obligation to Nicki who blogs at bended road photos.  If you like photography, you should check out what she posts – it is always worth a look!
I haven’t done one of these surveys in a long time, so why no – plus, I’m running dry on ideas to blog about right at the moment.
So, sit back and prepare to be wowed by the extreme ordinary nature of my life and times!
 I am sprinkling in a few photos (very random) just to help keep you from leaving out of boredom.


1. Where were you born:  Santa Clara California, although my parents were living in San Mateo at the time – I came while they were on a picnic and it was one of those “hospital of nearest convenience” opportunities.

2. Were you named after someone? As a matter of fact, yes.  I get the Susan from my mom’s sister.  I get the Beth from my mother (it was her middle name).  Together they make one name – Susan Beth.  I have come to really treasure my name.

3.  If you have children, how many.  One.  13-year-old boy referred to here as “J.”

4. How many pets do I have?  Funny you should ask today.  We as a family have four – two cats and two dogs.  But today I was thinking we were about to be down to one dog.  Leo, master of all he sees, has been acting aged, and we decided it was best to check with the vet to make sure it wasn’t more than just his 9.5 years of age.  Turns out he is in a diabetic crisis – ketoacidosis.   Heck, we didn’t even know he had diabetes.  Now we do.  And I’m giving insulin shots to him.  Thank goodness Costco gives an “uninsured member” discount on prescriptions for pets, but it is still going to be expensive.  And really, we aren’t of out crisis yet, but at least now we know we were in a crisis.  So back to the question.  Four pets and fighting to keep it that way.

5. What was my worst injury?  Well, sticking with injuries, I’ve got two tied for my worst, neither of which were all that life threatening.  The first happened when I was four and was rescuing my younger sister M from drinking a glass of turpentine that was on my dad’s work bench – she had a history of drinking such things and in my four-year old wisdom I pulled her down.  She grasped for anything and everything to resist my rescue attempts and what she found was a skill saw – it fell on my nose and cut it off (well, it was hanging by the nostril sides, which is so gross, I know, but also why this is amongst the worst injuries of my life).

Tied with that is my bike accident 2.5 years ago when I broke the tip off my humorous off right in the shoulder – hurt like the dickens.  It ranks so high because it is fresh in my mind, as opposed to the above mentioned  nose cutting off, which I have only visual flashes of memories about and the information my parents gave me.  Plus, an over 45 person healing from a broken bone is a lot different from a child healing from getting their face stitched back together.
6. Do I have any special talents?  Not that I would share with anyone besides my husband – read too much into that and you might have to blush, so just leave it.
7. What is your favorite thing to bake?  Bread – I have found some recipes that I can successfully implement, so baking bread is very satisfying.  Plus, since I got a Kitchen Aide mixer several years ago, it is so easy!

 8. What is my favorite fast food?  I have not eaten fast food in the “normal” sense of that phrase in many many years (like multiple decades).  No BK.  No Mickey D’s.  No Carl’s Jr.  No In-n-Out.  No Taco Bell.  But what I do from time to time is burritos from a small local joint – not healthy, not in line with my whey protein allergy because of the sour cream and cheese , but super great tasting!

9. Would I bungee jump?  I let my kid ice climb, so yes, I think if the opportunity came up, I would be willing to try bungee jumping.

10. What is the first thing you notice about people?  Never thought of this before.  Maybe whether they look friendly or not.
11. When was the last time I cried?  In mid-February when J had a struggle with responsibility and the full extent of the problem came to light – and we took away his access to karate, and I cried in sympathy with J who was really hurting at the time.
12. Any current worries? Oh, sure, lots of them, but not really any that are worth airing in public.  I’ll just trust God to take care of the things that need to be cared for.
13. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly.  Water, water and water.  It is about the only thing I drink.  Seriously.


14. What is your favorite book?  Oh, probably a boring answer, but To Kill A Mocking Bird comes to mind.  I also really enjoyed the Jan Karon series a few years back, although it is not as deep and important in the world of literature as To Kill A Mocking Bird.
15. Would you like to be a pirate?  Probably not.  Not sure I’d have what it takes to rape and pillage.
16. What are your favorite smells?  Fresh pine smells of the Sierra Nevada range and this candle we got for Christmas from our neighbor that is labeled “Eucalyptus Lavender” – a combo I never would have thought to create, but I love when it is burning.

17. Why do you blog?  Because I like attention, I want to have my voice heard, I like sharing with my family and friends who live far away, and it gives me something to do with all the photos I take.
18. What song do you want played at your funeral?  I give this more thought than you might think.  How about “I can Only Imagine” and “It is Well with My Soul.”  There are lots of others, all inappropriately up-beat but that reflect the gospel and really, when I’m dead that will be all that matters, so why not!
19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?  My green eyes – they are prettier than any other part of me.
20. What is your favorite hobby?  Photography, of course.  Followed closely by scrapbooking even though I almost never do it anymore.

21. What do you look for in a friend?  Honesty, friendliness, common interests, stuff like that.
22. Name something you have done that you never thought you would do.  Switch J’s school.  Never thought we would do that, but it is one of the best decisions we ever made – hardest thing we’ve ever done as a couple, but absolutely no questions that it was the right thing.  Long story about being in love with a school that turned out to be harmful to my child, and how to deal with the guilt and other ramifications of making such a terrible mistake.
23. What are your favorite things to do?  Spend time with my husband, laugh with my son, take photographs.
24. Any pet peeves?  People who don’t get real in friendships – don’t pretend to be all happy and good if really you are struggling.  I just can’t deal with that.  Same thing for those little “white lies” about liking my new glasses, or that sort of thing.  Just say what you mean and mean what you say.
25. What is the last thing that made you laugh?  Not sure.  Think that means I don’t laugh enough.  Probably something between Andy and I about something J did.  Really, I think I need to laugh more often – it would be good for me and for my family!

 . . .
The deal here was to share some random facts about myself. Now I
am supposed to tag some other bloggers and pass it on.  Problem is I don’t know that many bloggers who weren’t tagged by Nicki that I believe actually visit this blog on a regular basis and would be inclined to share like this.  So, I’m going to open it up – if you want to share about yourself, leave me a comment, because I would like to know more about you!
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  1. Elizabeth

    I never knew the Santa Clara birth story! I answered the questions too…

  2. Pretty tulip!

  3. Celine

    Love getting to know you better! Should try to do this too!

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