– one –

IMG_3425smSo, my cow search is just about done – I’ve got lots of photos, and only one or two more ideas about cows I want photos of.  It has been an interesting journey in and around our valley.

Most cows are like this little guy (born within the last month) and hide when I come near.    But, I wanted to show you this one (poor quality that it is after cropping it in so far) because look at that eye lash!  Amazingly long – proving this must be a male because only the guys get such gorgeous lashes naturally!

– two –

IMG_3434smEarly yesterday morning this guy was basking in the sun – he’s so calm for such a big bull!

– three –

I interrupt this post about cows to show you this bald eagle that I encountered on my way home from taking J to the bus yesterday morning (which is when I took the above photos as well).




I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing these beautiful birds.  We get a lot of them, and it creates great excitement for me each and every time!

– four –


“Here we come . . .

Walkin’ down the street . . .

Get the funniest looks from . . . Everyone we meet.

Hey hey we’re the highlanders”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!   These guys just remind me of that song, and yes, some of you are too young to get the reference, but I’m okay with that.

– five –

IMG_3647smSpring break starts right after school today – J and two of his friends are going to The Newsboys concert at MSU, which will be a heck of a kick off to this fun week!


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2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAYS – MARCH 8TH

  1. Joanne diochon

    Just want to say, I’ve really enjoyed your cow photos. I’m sorry that the cow project is winding down but interested to see what you will turn your lens to next.

  2. Pat

    Oh, thanks a lot. Now I have that theme song stuck in my head! (yes, I am old enough to recognize and remember it!) Love those Highland cows. They have so much personality. And kudos on the eagle! I feel any day I see an eagle (or even hear one skree-ing in the sky) is a good day.

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