I’m almost a bit shy about doing this again – I’m not that good at it, which last week made obvious, but I so want to get better, and I think forcing myself to do it will help.  So, here it is:

The color photo is one that I like for emotional reasons, but I see all sorts of technical flaws.  Some of those flaws are just yuck.  Some of them help to create a dramatic feel to the photo – shadows and light kind of stuff.  It really was just a snap I took off the cuff while walking around a facility holding the baby and my camera – no planning went into taking this photo at all.  If I had planned, I would have diffused the off-camera flash.  As it was, I just went over, turned it the right direction and snapped. IMG_0856sm

So, I wondered what would happen if I converted it – would the flaws be less glaring?  Or maybe the flaws would just help with a dramatic impact?  Or maybe it would just be a photo that I like because it’s me and the sweet little baby, and I really enjoy that baby.  So, here is the black and white result:


So, there you have it.  I converted, and although I think it is far from perfect, I’m not so unhappy with it that I’m going to die of embarrassment.

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  1. Joanne diochon

    I’m sorry you feel so down hearted about last week’s attempt, especially since mine was, I think the main comment on that photo. I certainly didn’t mean to discourage you from trying black and white conversions. I was just trying to respond to your question about whether the picture selection or the process of conversion, was to blame for results which, I think, you found unsatisfactory and I’m really sorry if my comments came off as hash.

    I do like this conversion much better. The harsh delineation between the dark and light areas seems to be softened a little in the black and white version. I’m not sure what software you are using to edit but do you have the ability to play with the levels? If so, and if you want to reduce the sharpness between the light and dark, you could play with those.

  2. There is so much to be said for spontaneous pictures – they often tell a more interesting story than a posed portrait. Personally I would go in and lighten the shadows on your black/white – but it is a keeper regardless. Smile! (something I always forget to do when trying a self portrait – I get so caught up with getting the picture I forget to smile).

    I’m not sure what picture you feel down about from last week – but there are no failures, only steps forward. Sometimes just a little tweak can take a ‘ugh’ initial impression to an ‘alright’ or even a ‘wow’. Hold you head up and keep taking pictures and playing with them.

  3. I like this in b&w, I really think you did a nice job! I agree with Nicki that lightening the shadows would make it even better 🙂

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