Rural Thursdays – 2-28-2013


Skipped a day, not because my whole last post was such a flop – clearly I should not be in a rush when selecting photos for conversion to black and white and posting, ‘cuz I got that one wrong.  Any way, I skipped yesterday because I’m busy – doing taxes!  Yuck!


To make up for that, at long last, here are a couple of cows – selected in a hurry, not because they are the best photos.  Processing from RAW takes a few minutes and paying attention, so I just randomly got two and did them.  But it is proof that all those times I was out and about looking for cows, I really was, and I actually found a couple.

I hope to finish the taxes tomorrow in time to post here again, although right now I’m at a complete loss as to what I’ll post.  I think I owe Nicki a tagged post, so I might do that. 

Thanks for stopping by today!

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3 thoughts on “Rural Thursdays – 2-28-2013

  1. Margaret Evans

    Love that calf. So cute!

  2. Joanne diochon

    I love the cows, especially the calf. Thank you for posting these, I was beginning to think the cows had all gone into hiding. 🙂

  3. I like that little calf checking you out. Taxes – ugh! and yes, a tag post from you would do nicely. (:

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