I love the light on these aspen trees, and I have a general thought that aspens lo0k great in black and white.  So, this is the photo I selected to convert for this week’s post.


But you know what, I’m not totally satisfied.  The point of this weekly conversion exercise is to learn.  So, I’m going to try to learn from this, but I might need some help. 

Is my problem that I misidentified what would look good converted?  Or that I just did a poor conversion?

To me the conversion lost something.  Maybe I went too harsh on it and lost the delicate shades of light.  What do you think? 

I’m open to all suggestions.  I really want to get better at this.

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  1. Joanne diochon

    This is only my feeling about it and, I know nothing about the technicalities of converting to B&W but, for me, my favourite thing about the first picture was the subtle shadings of cool blue greys,in the shadows to the warm more beige colours where the sun hits the trees’ bark and that gets lost in the conversion. Also you’ve cropped the second one and lost that lovely swirly contorted branch at the upper front of the coloured photo which was darker and added some contrast to the picture.

    For me I guess it seems like it was the wrong picture to convert.

  2. Celine

    I am with Joanne – I like the coloured version better.

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