This photo is from last Saturday – and I know the face of the barn is blown out, sadly.  It was too close to mid day to be taking photos, but the sky was blue for the first time in many days, and the reflection of the barn in the slough was too great to pass up.  I guess I wasn’t looking for perfection, just a photo that brought back the wonderful feeling of walking by that scene.IMG_1242sm

This weekend looks much much different!  Andy is out plowing.  We got a fairly large storm this morning, which is still painting the mountains with the fluffy white stuff.

Even more exciting than that, J is up in the mountains, in the falling snow, learning how to ice climb.  Yep, his birthday wish is coming true.  His friend and former school mate BH is up there teaching him.  BH is a Junior in High School, four years older than J, so he is an appropriate teacher.  Plus, J just loves BH.

I was up there for the first little bit of the ice climbing lesson, and will have some photos to share early next week of the great adventure – all the processing software is in town at the office, so I can’t convert from raw to jpg here at home, thus the delay.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 thoughts on “HAPPY SATURDAY

  1. Ice climbing! Now that, I gotta see! Beautiful reflection on the water.

  2. Very pretty of the white barn, blue sky and the reflection in the water!

  3. Joanne diochon

    I’m glad you git some sun and this bright picture. Sometimes it’s worth the blown highlights to have the sun lift your spirits.

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