These photos were taken earlier this week when I was looking for cows.  I was particularly attracted to this little spot because I thought when I was a child I would have loved a place like this to play in.


I can see my younger self making forts and little cozy hiding spots in among the branches and creek and tree trunks, imagining all sorts of wilderness survival adventures.  I was that kind of imaginer.  Others probably would have dreamed of fairies and nymphs – I know my sister Elizabeth would have!

I will go back to his spot in the late spring/early summer to see what it is like with long grass and leaves on the trees.  I bet it will still be the ideal spot for an imaginative child to hang out and make up adventures!

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3 thoughts on “PLAYFUL WEEKEND!

  1. I’m loving these places you found when you were out looking for cows! That is just the kind of place I loved to play when I was a kid.

  2. Joanne diochon

    I love the weathered buildings and overgrown spots you have been finding the last few days.
    Still waitibg for more cows though. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    Yep! It looks like a perfect home for the wood nymphs. Love it!

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