– one –

When I went hunting for cows on Wednesday I headed out to the Spring Hill Community.  Unfortunately,  most of those folks are now mostly pasturing horses (well, that’s probably fortunate for them, but unfortunate for my cow photo obsession these days).    Anyway, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping out at this little “ghost town” of a collection of old building on the “main drag” of the community.  They were lovely.  The day was a bit dreary with grey skies and low clouds, but the buildings were fascinating.


– two –

Parenting challenges abound this week – really, for a while now.  Not that J is some terrible child.  Not that Andy and I don’t see eye to eye.  In fact, J is a wonderful child who is experiencing some growing pains relative to balancing responsibilities and who needs his parents to set some strong guidelines to help him.

 In fact, Andy and I are on the same page about those guidelines.  But it is oh so painful to watch  your child make a few mistakes and have to deal with the consequences.  Nothing life threatening, or even terribly rebellious.  But the consequence he finds himself with as of last night is a hard one for him – it hurts to watch him be so profoundly disappointed. 

It also is something that doesn’t have to be long-term if he steps up and behaves in the responsible way we know he can.  Ball is in his court now, and the only one who can change the circumstances is him – that rubs my controlling instinct the wrong way as I would like to just step in a fix everything for him, since it appears easy to me to find the solution.  But that would be poor parenting, so this is a growth opportunity for me as well.

Wonderful child, and well worth the effort of setting these guidelines and following through on them.


– three –

Andy got me the best Valentine’s gift – a bright but perfect blue and white tie-dyed long-sleeved shirt from the local head shop.  Yep, that is how we roll right now. We buy things at head shops, but only tie-dyed clothing, not other items they might offer.  It’s a bit of that left-over hippie in me from back in my Humboldt County CA days.

I’m wearing it today, and please note, it is a size smaller than he would have gotten months ago, and it fits nicely.  Love it.

Plus, it smells like the incense they burn in that shop, which I love love love!

J noted last night, on the lower left hem of the shirt there is a perfectly formed 4 inch heart in the tie-dyed pattern.  Love that detail!

Maybe, if I feel confident enough, I’ll do a self-portrait of me in the shirt this weekend.


– four

Making plans for some painting and sprucing up around the house – wouldn’t want it to look like these buildings anytime soon!  Never realized how many shades of white exist out there.  Whew!  Choices, choices, choices!

Also a bit surprised at how hard it is to do something as simple sounding as cutting corrugated metal straight – actually probably will have to farm out that task to someone with just the right tools.  But I want to line the risers of our staircase with distressed (read “rusted”) corrugated metal.  Red landings, distressed corrugated metal risers, white walls with some funky art is what I’m dreaming of long-term.  May take a while to accomplish this, but I’m heading in that direction.


– five –

Lots of hopes for a productive but fun weekend.  Yes, I’m thinking productivity can be fun.  It will help to accomplish progress, which is my long neglected, but not forgotten word for the year.  I’d like to make progress on cleaning the house, photography projects and some scrapbooking.  As mentioned above, I’m considering a self-portrait.  I’m also certain it is time to get a portrait of J – he turned 13 within the last couple of weeks, and I want to get that documented.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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3 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAYS – 15 FEBRUARY 2013

  1. You tickle me with your ‘mission C.O.W’ – love the images of the various barns. Hope you have a productive weekend.

  2. Really love the photos of these old buildings! Especially the first one.

  3. I love the last shot! You got some really cool old buildings along your roads! I live in just as much of a rural/winter place, and I kept wondering why there are no old buildings like that around here. And then I realized that if there had been, the wind would have blown them to smithereens and/or someone would have scavenged them for firewood. So get lots of shots before they are gone!

    And about J; Stay strong! You’re doing the right thing!

    It’s the weekend now; time for your self-portrait 🙂

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