So, drooling cow/steer wasn’t a thrill for most of you.  That’s okay.  I’m still on the cow photo hunt, but for Valentines Day I thought I’d share some of the reds that I found along the way.


I love distressed old red items. 


Andy told me today that on Valentine’s Day 15% of women send themselves flowers. 

How sad! 

Not that they get flowers, that’s not sad.  But that (I assume) they feel they have to pretend they have someone to send them flowers so others would think them worthy is sad. 

For years I didn’t have anyone to send me flowers, but I never did send them to myself – too cheep I guess.  Anyway, now I have someone and flowers just don’t seem all that important or prestigious anymore. 

I hope none of you felt compelled to send yourselves flowers in order to convince others you are loved – you don’t need flowers to validate who you are to me! 

You are a child of God and worthy of love, attention and affection based on that alone!

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of lots of love.

I’m joining is with Ruralality for the first time – thought I’d give it a try – and on Thursday Favorite Things.  See what you think – click on the links.

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  1. Love your old red buildings and the pickup. For years I haven’t had anyone to send me flowers for Valentine’s Day but I’m too cheap too to send myself any. I do buy flowers for myself once or twice a year just because I love them.
    Did you get flowers for Valentine’s Day

  2. Joanne

    I may buy myself flowers sometimes, just because I see them and fall in love, or because I feel the house needs something to cheer it up, but I wouldn’t do it on Valentine’s day because it seems to be the most expensive day of the year for flower buying. Guess I am just cheap.LOL

    I love the pictures in today’s blog I’m a big fan of texture and interesting surfaces like rust and weathered wood, but I did like yesterday’s cow too…I wanted to reach out and rub her rough fuzzy coat right between the eyes. Not being all that experienced with cows I don’t know how she would react but she [b]looks[/b] to me as if she’d enjoy it.

  3. LOVE these rustic places… the sky between the roofing is so pleasing to the eye… and the faded reds… Thank you for joining in ‘Rurality Blog Hop #2’ Hope to see you next Wednesday for #3…

  4. loving your favorite things!!! Sorry I’m late getting here…thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

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