A friend asked me if I would take some photos of cows for his business.  He had seen some on Etsy and wanted to have them at his food-based business.  In black and white.

I was willing to try, especially since this is calving season here in SW Montana, so there are some cuties out there.  But when I went out this a.m. the calves and their mammas were pretty darn shy.

The only bovine creature willing to engage with me was this mean angry bull, but he was willing to stick his tongue out at me, so I was willing to take his photo.   At least he makes for a fairly decent black and white conversion.  This is Tuesdays post after all, and Black and White Conversions are my subjects on Tuesdays. IMG_1032bwsm

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7 thoughts on “

  1. Joanne

    Cool shot but are you sure that fence is sturdy enough?

  2. Elizabeth

    He might be surly, but I think his color is pretty!

  3. he looks like he’s giving you “the look” lol! Great shot!

  4. Pat

    Whoa–that is one BIG bull! I probably would’ve backed up quite a ways!

  5. Pretty near eye contact – good job. As for the fence, or how surly the bull was – it would seem that if he was really pissed he could easily charge through to his target; maybe just having a bad day.

  6. Cool! I bet he wished HE had a camera, to get a picture of you!

  7. Celine

    Doesn’t look too happy to be photographed!! Great shot!

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