Jumped out of the car on the way into town this morning and got these shots from the top of Gooch Hill. IMG_0725sm

Not sure these are the best landscape photos for Black and White Tuesdays, but gave it a shot anyway – hey, when the great Ansel Adams was shooting, if the landscape was going to be recorded, it was going to be in black and white.  So I feel like I should learn a little about getting the big picture landscape recorded in black and white (not that I’ll ever be any Adams).    Here is my attempt at a conversion:IMG_0726bwsm

Self evaluation is I should have gotten there a bit earlier so the lighting would be more dramatic (but hey, I wasn’t passing by for the purpose of photo taking, I was jumping out and grabbing an opportunity when I had it, so I’m not beating myself up too bad over that).  I knew, but this photo reinforces that light makes the photos, and that is especially true with Black and White.

Trial starts tomorrow, and it is a bit intense around here, but that will pass.

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3 thoughts on “BLACK AND WHITE TUESDAY – JANUARY 29, 2013.

  1. Pat

    I like the way the mountains are clearer in your conversion. I think you did fine considering you weren’t chasing the light.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. On this one I would have to admit that I find the color more interesting and agree it is a good lesson in how important lighting plays in photography. Still, a pretty scene.

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