The past couple days break in blogging is brought to you by – an all day field trip, a day at home with the boy for his one day semester break, and a busy weekend. 

Today I’m up with a photo from the archives since J and I are home for the day – he’s sick and doesn’t want to be left alone.  I can accommodate that.  Without my office computer and all its photos and photo editing software, I went back a year or so and am reposting a photo.  It pretty much reflects what things look like at the bird house today, so I hope you don’t mind a repeat.

Even with a sick boy, there is much to be grateful for, so the list continues:

1651.  A day cross-country skiing with J and his classmates (beautiful cold but sunny day).

1652.  15 pounds of weight lost since November 30th (that’s less than two months, and I’m so excited!

1653.  Friendships where we can be transparent

1654 travel plans for June (after school gets out)

1655.  Getting back to running

1656.  Progress on large craft project

1657.  Reconnecting with a friend after a couple of months

1658.    Not having to take Tank to work with us every day – he stays in the house so if he barks it doesn’t bother the neighbors

1659.  J’s more cheerful outlook

1660.  J’s efforts to finish out the last semester as best he could.

Short list this week because I didn’t do a good job of tracking last week.  Hope to be back to “normal” blogging tomorrow because I hope my boy is feeling better and back at school.



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  1. Pat

    Hope your kiddo is feeling better soon! That is one gorgeous birdhouse…love the covering of snow on the top.

  2. I love your shot for today… Great image!!!

  3. Love the bird house shot!

  4. Lovely shots from the archives. Hope J is feeling better – got a sniffling kiddo today as well (fortunately there is no school – so none missed).

  5. Joanne diochon

    I love bird houses and this one is so individual looking.

  6. Celine

    Such a cute bird house!!

  7. Hope your boy feels better soon!

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