It’s a cold one – minus ten when we left the house today.  Busy day, but there it time to be grateful to God for so many gifts – day in and day out gifts!  Here’s the list:

1633.  Shelter from the cold days

1634.  Walking at the mall where it is nice and warm

1635.  Downton Abbey

1636.  Time for scrapbooking

1637.  Chat with Daniel (my brother)

1638.  New members to our Bible Study group

1639.   Chatting with Jim and Kim

1640.  Found discovery disc

1641.  More weight loss progress

1642.  J and Andy snowboarding together

1643.  Work for Andy

1644.  Good materials for a new Sunday School class

1645.  Starting to save for a new camera body – this will be a long journey

1646.  More great worship time

1647.  The resurrection is true!

1648.  Photos of days gone by bringing back fun memories

1649.  Friends who are like family

1650.  Heat for the house

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5 thoughts on “MULTITUDES ON MONDAYS – 14 JANUARY 2013

  1. Pat

    Heat ranks high on the gratitude list when those cold winter days set in. I, too, am grateful for “Downton Abbey”!

  2. Nice Pic:)

  3. Nice thicket of trees shot!

  4. Tracie

    Beautiful photo, and such a great idea to make a gratitude list 🙂

  5. I’m always happy to see you on Ann’s link because you seem like a “neighbor” & your photos are so lovely. I read back a few posts & was struck by your word “glorify” & your prayers for your husband that he would glorify God in his work. Wow, that really blesses me! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia (from Wy.)

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