Love the bald eagle – we have quite a few of them around these days.  Driving to town a couple of days ago J and I saw 5 in one tree.  Pretty amazing, but no time to stop and take a photo that day.


He looks so regal, don’t you think?

Here are a few gratitude items for this Multitude on Mondays:

1616.  J making an effort at his organization

1617.  Great worship music and hearing J singing along with enthusiasm

1618.  People for J to snowboard with

1619.  Successful surgery for Leo

1620.  75th Birthday Celebration for a friend

1621.  Cross country skiing with Andy

1622.  10+ pounds lost with the Body Bugg

1623.  Goat cheese

1624.  News of old friends through Christmas cards and letters

1625.  J’s passion for karate

1626.  Time with Laura to talk and enjoy each other’s company

1627.  Meeting the needs of a client

1628.  New arrangement of J’s rooms so we can have a workout space, and his prompt use of it!

1629.  Regular phone calls with Elizabeth

1630.  Running into Susan when walking at the mall

1631.  Close family-like relationship with those in our Bible Study

1632.  Box of bras from Elizabeth – to help as my body changes size (see number 1622 above).

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  1. These cracked me up! Loved the box of bras! I’ve lost some weight recently, too, so I am only too familiar with the need for smaller bras . . . while I’m not yet ready to invest in a new wardrobe because I’m still losing weight! And I loved your #1623 – goat cheese! Yes, indeed . . . one of my favorites

  2. Beautiful Scene!

  3. Tracie Gibbs

    Absolutely beautiful photos!!

  4. I love how it is perched on the branch. Congratulations on the weight loss and even more on the continued kinship of family and friends.

  5. Celine

    Congrats on the 10 pounds lost! That is awesome! and great landscape!

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