Early morning last week.  Well, not too early because the sun doesn’t even come up until almost 8 a.m., but early in the sun process. 

I love our barn, even though it lists to one side, needs a new roof, doesn’t have any animals in it (except the birds and mice that make their home their without permission), and will probably fall down in a decade or so if we don’t address its maintenance. 

Still, I love it.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. love the snow on the barn, perfect light too!

  2. I love the early morning light on the snow and the barn!

  3. Celine

    I love old barns – you are so lucky to have one in your backyard!! Cool!

  4. Pat

    I’d rather see a leaning old barn than a spiffily-maintained one. There is so much more interest and character to the old ones; I always want to know what stories lurk inside the walls.

  5. Beautiful snowy barn scene!

  6. Very, very pretty!

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