This is my third year selecting “one little word” to help me through the year – and idea I learned of through Ali Edwards.

The word serves as a sort of a theme for my year.  A bit of inspiration.  A word to guide me through the year.   

Last year it was progress. 

The year before it was proactive. 


This year it is glorify – as in glorify God in all that I do.  

Being able to glorify God is something Andy and I often pray – that what we do and what J does will glorify God. 

Recently I came to that as the prayer I have for Andy in his cases – that he glorify God even in the dark and challenging situations that often constitute his work.


Taking this One Little Word thing seriously, I did a bit of research about glorify – what is it to glorify.  I came to understand that glorifying God comes down to this:  

1. Appreciation – to set God highest in our thoughts;

2. Adoration – think worship God;  

3. Affection – loving God; and 

4. Subjection – dedicate myself to God, ready to serve him in all I do.

So, there you have it, my one little word for this year.

Photos in this post are from my trip down to the river last Sunday morning.

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4 thoughts on “GLORIFY

  1. beautiful word and pictures to go with it! AMAZING! I am NOT good at nature/landscape photography, so I admire yoU!

  2. Pretty snowy scenes. I like your idea of a word for the year…. might be a good idea to add a verse to it….a Bible verse that uses the word or expresses the idea.

  3. Suzy

    Love your word of the year/s! Beautiful images!

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