Five photos and one story today.

There are a lot of challenges in this world, but right now, the biggest one in my life feels like parenting.  I have a boy with such good character traits and such significant flaws all at the same time.  Hum, sounds like he may be a run of the mill human boy.


Add in my own negative character traits, and an explosive morning is bound to happen from time to time – like the Friday before Christmas on the way to the last day of school for the calendar year.


I need the reminder of these photos from last Saturday.  I was off to the river to take photos.  J didn’t want to stay home alone and Andy was working.  So, he reluctantly agreed to get up from his comfy spot and come with me.  I headed out to the car, while he went to get his jacket.



Low and behold, he comes out a few minutes later carrying my old DSLR Pentax which is his now.  He planned to take photos too.







Talk about a way to hit a momma’s heart!  Whew.  I melted right then and there, and we had 30 minutes at the river bonding through our cameras.

We might have to head out with our cameras again soon – I need the reminder of the good things since the frustrations have been so front and center the last 24 hours.

Have a great weekend before Christmas!

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3 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – DECEMBER 21, 2012

  1. Your photos of the snow and the reflections in the water are wonderful! So happy that J joined you in taking pictures.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. bear with him on the homework – I think most kids go through this (my daughter didn’t, but my son made up for it in spades his Freshman year). It is great when they join in your passion – really like these shots.

  3. Enjoying your snowy river pictures! Forgive him and forgive yourself. Love him and keep trying to mold him into the man you want him to be some day. This time of year is a busy stressful time causing emotions to flare sometimes.

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