Mostly just photos today.  Lots to do – we celebrate the Birth of Christ in just 5 days, and I’m not ready – have a lot of heart work to do to focus on the celebration!  And a lot of baking and delivering to do!


Also lots of intense praying today for everything from healing of a badly broken arm for a friend of J’s to administrators doing their job with a heart and best interest of a kid, to changing hearts and minds to be softened towards Jesus. 

The world is a creation of God, and full of beauty, but as we approach one week from the Newtown tragedy, I am aware it is also so fallen and broken that it is hard to see that beauty.  I’m working on training my eye to the beauty without ignoring the need for healing.


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  1. If it is any consolation, I have loads to do, a kid flying in from college on the only day we are predicted to have snow since Halloween, and baking, candy making, and stuff!

  2. Merry Chritmas Susan! I enjoy your blog.

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