Still playing with photos from two weekends ago at Yellowstone – already hankering to go back, but that will have to wait for a less busy time.

Thought I’d share some random facts about life these days.

Tomorrow J gets his hair cut – please God, let him go shorter than normal.  I wish it had been before yesterday because he had a choir concert last night, but I’ll be happy with tomorrow since that will be in time for Christmas.


I’m helping out the daughter of a friend with her senior thesis which is on euthanasia.  I’ve worked with these issues in the legal world through an internship while in law school, and it is interesting to return to them for discussion and analysis.  Even with a foggy old brain, the ideas and concepts come back quickly.  Yeah, the brain still works after 48 years.


Leo needs to go to the vet for his poor old sore leg – and some shots too.  Poor old guy pauses at the bottom of the steps and has to really consider whether going up is worth the effort.  Since his bed is up-stairs, he usually decides to push through and make it happen, but he’s thinking about it longer and longer each time.  In theory, a surgery to get out one of the screws put in 7 years ago will help him – he’s otherwise healthy and we’d like to keep him around a while longer, if you know what I mean.

Packages are arriving from Grandpa Gary (Daddy, consider this your notice that two have arrived).  I’ve wrapped one of them and put it under the tree.  The big tall box is just there at the tree – I’ll get it wrapped eventually.  The other item came an a giant box too, but I opened it up, and got it wrapped – it looks like a soft L.P. sitting under the tree.  He’ll never guess what it is.

I’m behind on mailing – got packages out to families with little children last week, and they both arrived.  But the rest of the mailing is not done.  I’m hoping to get it done tomorrow.  I don’t know if that will get goodies to folks in time for Christmas Day or not, but it is what it is at this point.

Back tomorrow with a wordless Wednesday!



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  1. I like the droplets in your second shot. I’m dragging my feet on this year’s Christmas. I’ve never been up to the last week getting gifts – but here I am. I don’t like this feeling; not at all.

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