1.  These beautiful wreaths are on the doors at the office.  Last night they got decorated some more with snow.  It was a nice touch, and I enjoy being greeted by these every morning.


2.  Bragging on my husband as usual – last Friday he won a trial again.  He’s on a bit of a roll.  I think it has a lot to do with him being a great attorney, but I’ll leave that up to the readers to decide.


3.  Now for some bragging on my son:  Yesterday he won the class geography bee.  I didn’t even know they were having a geography bee.  Now he has to prepare for next months bee for the whole middle school age group.  Guess we’ll actually prepare this time, because if he wins or comes in second in that, he can go to a state competition.  Right now, he’s just the “accidental geography champion of the seventh grade.” IMG_7482sm

4.  Was talking to someone about our relational children and how they don’t really do well with directional parents.  J is certainly, without a doubt, relational.  I probably communicate in a directional manner much of the time.  That is not the most effective combination.  It takes a lot more energy to guide in a relational way rather than a directional way.


5.  Tomorrow I’m heading up to Yellowstone National Park for an afternoon by myself with my camera.  Do you think I might be a bit excited about that?  Hopefully after the storm that hit last night there will be lots of opportunities for winter photos.  And the sun will go down early, so I can get some sunset photos (hopefully, unless it is all just gray and socked in).  This should give me a new batch of photos to place on this here blog. 

Have a great weekend!  By the time I’m back I’ll be a year older!

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3 thoughts on “5 ON FRIDAY – DEC. 7

  1. I love snow pictures and will be looking forward to yours from Yellowstone!
    Have a Happy Birthday too.

  2. Pretty wreaths, love the little dusting of snow on them.

  3. A touch of snow really adds to holiday decorations. Congratulations to your husband and to your son – sounds like a celebratory dinner might be in order. Enjoy your day out with your camera. I’m going out tomorrow with my son and a few of his friends – but I think I am only being invited to drive – oh well!

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