So, the week after Thanksgiving was quite a week for some of us.   Today you see 5 photos from my week.  Above we have the view from the road as I drive out to pick up J from school.  Two days a week he stays at school late for an activity, so he doesn’t take the bus.  But this week there were also two days where he didn’t take the bus in the morning, so I put a lot of miles on my car driving all the way out to Churchill to get him to and from school this week.  The bus is a bargain!


This is the moose I saw on Wednesday morning when driving to work – probably after taking J to the bus this time, and not having to drive all the way out to his school.  We don’t really see moose in town that often – heck, I’ve only seen a couple two or three in the woods, so this was worth stopping to get the camera out and try to get a long distance shot in the early morning almost light.  Didn’t make the best quality photo, but I think you get the idea.  And it is sort of cool that you can see his hot breath in the cool morning air.


Since I’m a granny now, I thought I’d show you me with my little girl.  Isn’t she cute!  most alert baby I’ve ever seen!  But then, as the granny I might be bragging too much!  The photo does demonstrate that I’m too large, but my Body Bugg arrived yesterday, I got it set up, and am now counting steps and calories burned as well as intake calories.  In theory it should all be just math now, although I know this particular journey won’t be quite that straight forward – me and food and exercise have a very complicated relationship – I like both food and exercise, but haven’t figured out the right balance yet.  Maybe the numbers will help.


This barn is one on the way from J’s school to the office – a route I don’t get to take all that often.  But I did stop and shoot this one day just because I liked it and there wasn’t any traffic on the little two lane road.


Although I already put up photos of J with his deer I’m posting this one because we picked up the meat this week – J really likes the maple breakfast sausage, and we enjoyed brats from the animal for dinner last night.  Also, this is an interesting photo because with J are the father and big brother of above baby.  They are from our Bible Study group in case I didn’t tell you that before.

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4 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK, HUH?

  1. Pat

    How cool is that moose?!!! Exciting to live in a part of the country where you can see them like that. I like the barn. There’s something about the cirleed 4 that contrasts pleasingly with all the geometric lines. Plus, the red against that snow….mmmmmm.

  2. Cool capture of the moose and you look just fine with your friend’s baby girl. We all struggle with image – I’ve given up on numbers and am aimed at just being consistent with exercise and conscious about food intake. Love – LOVE the red barn against that white scene – beautiful!

  3. Love the little red barn!

  4. Tracie Gibbs

    The barn shot is stunning, and you look lovely with your friend’s baby! She is so sweet 🙂

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