It has been a this and that week, so good to get back to blogging on this and that Thursday.  I sort of disappeared for a couple of days because I spent Tuesday with my friend Eva as she was working on this:

Pretty cool, huh!  I wasn’t there for delivery.  I just sat with her through labor until her husband could get there – we live in a big county, and he was at the southern end of it for work when it was determined the time had come. 

Then, after the birth I got the older kids and brought them to meet the baby.

That pretty much took care of Tuesday’s planned activities!  Yesterday was recover and catch-up from unexpected day out of the office.

For those of you who might find it funny, the nurse tried to hand me the baby saying “here you go grandma.”

Hum, dad is 45 and mom is 35.  I’m about to be 48.  I wonder which of them she thought I was the mom to.  I think I’m going to take that as a hint that I need to lose some weight and dress a little less frumpy.  Wish me luck on that, but I now have the affectionate name of “granny” for use by this little baby only, please.

’m sharing this post with Rural Thursdays and This or That Thursdays  and Thursdays Favorite Things Hop – won’t you come join us?

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  1. Sooo sweet – makes me wanna get another baby! 🙂

  2. how cool you got to be there – and bad on the nurse for being presumptuous.

  3. Celine

    Awwww sweet baby… and not so sweet comment from the nurse!

  4. Congrats to your friend. Don;t change a thing about yourself, the nurse was probably jusy on auto piolet..thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo

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