Last night at church we were singing songs and the now common reoccurring thought that I have that my mom would like a particular worship song hit me and I did that quick check to see if the song even existed while she was alive.  Naturally, not.

I don’t know why this always touches me so.  If you knew my mom, you probably knew that like me, she couldn’t sing well – we couldn’t carry a tune if you gave it to us in a bucket.  But she still loved music, particularly worship music.  And she had strong opinions about it. I often think she would like some of the music that is available these days. 

Anyway, this just always touches me.  I’m thankful to think of her in that way, and really, I’ve got this sort of image of her in heaven enjoying worship music, which as we all know, will be perfected, her ability to sing will be perfected, and . . . well, that is a great thought!

Haven’t blogged since before the big day of gratitude.  Hope you all had a fun and meaningful day.  It was a special one for us – we ended up alone for the day (our guest has a scheduling snaffoo and ended up stuck someplace else – it was enjoyable for him so not bad). 

As to be expected, I’ve got much to be thankful for this week, so here is the continuing list:

1567.  Christmas list made and reasonable

1568.  Quiet Thanksgiving by ourselves

1569.  Social time with families from our Bible Study group

1570.  Movie as a family – we saw Lincoln

1571.  Walk in the lightly falling snow with J

1572.  Running into old friends

1573.  Errands done the night before Thanksgiving even though the keys were locked in the car with Tank.

1574.  J’s interest in helping decorate the house for Christmas

1575.  Note from Lynn

1576.  Andy doubled over laughing at J’s antics

1577.  Good visit at the “Old Folks Home” for J

1578.  Good deal on gift for J – one of those Thanksgiving Eve errands

1579.  More snow

1580.  Delicious leftovers – particularly the stuffing and gravy

1581.  Body Bugg ordered and the hope for future success that comes with it.

1582.  Glitch in new computer handled at home just by fussing around a bit.

1583.  Baking goodies for our friends

1584.  Andy catching an issue in a case that turns the tables on the whole thing in favor of his client

1585.  Fun photos taken of friends and their little tiny baby

1586.  Couple of walks on our days off

1587.  J’s excitement about singing

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  1. Pat

    I always enjoy your gratitude lists, because you are so aware of the small things!

  2. Glad things actually slowed down for you after the ‘lock the keys in the car’ and other events in your life recently. Snow is now starting to appeal to me – so of course we probably won’t get any this month. Pretty shots.

  3. Love all your little brown seed pods against the snow.

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