I have learned a new appreciation for Thanksgiving over the past decade or so.  It started with Barbara Rainey’s book on Thanksgiving – a time to remember, and has just grown as an appreciation for the holiday beyond just good food and getting together with family.

Ann Voskamp’s book – 1000 Gifts certainly helped to deepen the meaning.  And the weekly (or close to it) activity of listing the gifts God gives serves to keep the gratitude fresh and alive.

I notice things about gratitude now, not just in the weeks and days of preparation for Thanksgiving.  But in the daily – well attempt at that – reading of the Bible and how many times giving thanks and being thankful are mentioned.

So, I continue to count gifts as a way of calling my own heart’s attention to the one who provides them:

1544.  Keeping perspective on 12-year-old angst

1545.  Beautiful blue hue of snowy hills at dusk

1546.  Lunch with Roberta – and the encouragement of a listening ear

1547.  Good photo shoots (x4 for this week)

1548.  Subaru returned to us looking spiffy

1549.  J got his first deer – no more worry about not getting one in his first season

1550.  Old old case finally settled, with a little money for us.

1551.  Social time for J

1552.  chat with Holly – catching up and understanding

1553.  Helpful neighbor when battery died

1554.  Client’s making good decisions

1555.  Time with J to run errands and just hang out together in town

1556.  Friends willing to loan us a car while Subaru got repaired

1557.  Getting a project done in a timely manner when time was of the essence

1558.  Attorneys working together to correct an outrageous wrong

1559.  Free turkey

1560.  Shared needs among friends

1561.  eating oranges

1562.  music – drums that inspire my boy in particular

1563.  growing through my son’s struggles

1564.  Playing Christmas music in the car

1565.  Making Christmas plans – in my head seeing the celebration and the warmth of a home well prepared

1566.  having what we need

1567.  Grace when making mistakes – and help resolving them so nobody is inconvenienced.

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  1. Oh my…such loveliness and purity. The photos speak. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Your photos are lovely. So calm and peaceful. Your list of things to be thankful and grateful for make me stop and think more about what I am thankful for.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Your pictures are certainly helping me to get into the holiday festive spirit (been running dry so far this year – and yes, still early – but never been so ‘what effs’ before).

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