The big snow fall last Friday made my back yard beautiful.  It is cold – less than 5 degrees when I was out taking the photos here. 

I love the beauty of these leaves clinging to the trees and plants, a bit of fall and summer sticking around.  Representative of the way I feel like I’m clinging to God to get through the days.  Nothing wrong with the days making it hard to get through them, just a realization that without clinging I’ll be falling.

The list helps me to cling – giving me something to grasp!

1512.  Learning about Cajones

1513.  Beautiful warm fall days early in the week.

1514.  Good parent/teacher conference – uplifting to J even while addressing areas of needed improvement

1515.  First big snow fall of the season

1516.  J got a three-day weekend (and some much-needed relaxation time)

1517.  Yummy burritos

1518.  Working with friends to serve @ fundraiser dinner

1519.  Time with J looking at computer options.

1520.  Helpful clerk to answer questions about computers and tablets

1521.  Good referral to new dentist

1522.  Answer to questions about teeth issues and a plan to address it

1523.  Beautiful photos from new snow.

1524.  Slow moving morning when J had day off

1525.  J’s choices for an artsy Christmas project

1526.  Night sledding joy for J

1527.  Carpooling with the Hawley’s to a fun event’

1528.  Call from Eva to check on how we are doing

1529.  cold football game fun for Andy and J with free tickets from Bill

1530.  New calendar fun

1531.  Laughter as a family

1532.  New client

1533.  Client’s bounced check to our business made good on quickly

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6 thoughts on “CLINGING IN THE COLD

  1. Love these, especially the first one! The transition from fall to winter is always sad to me. That’s probably because I love the fall colors, though! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. pat

    You beautiful snow makes my eensy little pellets look pathetic. I love the look of the first snow of the year–so clean and unblemished and full of potential and possibilities. I am fortunate in that if I want snow I can get in my car and drive 20 minutes up into the mountains….all the beauty without any of the hassle of snow removal.

  3. What did you decide on the computer/tablet?

  4. Love the first leaf! We got snow flurries tonight but it didn’t stick, just melted off.

  5. Love that first shot – snow and all (bet ya wasn’t expecting that) 🙂

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